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Press Release Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara

On 26 October the Netherlands minister for Development Cooperation and EU Affairs, Mr Ben Knapen, has decided to make 500.000 euro available in order to relieve the suffering of the victims of the earthquake in Van. The funds will be channeled through the Netherlands Red Cross and will be used to purchase tents for those victims who are in need of temporary shelter. The Red Cross, in coordination with the Turkish authorities, will ensure delivery of the tents at the appropriate locations.

The government and the people of the Netherlands are in full solidarity with Turkey in these difficult times. Messages of condolence have been sent by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal.

NLTR400: the Netherlands - Turkey 2012

Preparations for programme in full swing

In 2012, Turkey and the Netherlands will mark 400 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Both the Netherlands and Turkey are excited about this and are in full swing to prepare next year’s celebration under the flag NLTR400. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs has established the Project Group NLTR400 to coordinate programmes, official visits and joint communication, in cooperation with the Embassy in Ankara and Consulate General in Istanbul. The Dutch-Turkish initiative focuses on strengthening the strategic, diplomatic, economic, social and cultural bonds between the two countries. Many activities will take place in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and some other Turkish cities and throughout the Netherlands. Contact:

SICA is coordinating the cultural activities in Turkey and is the contact point for the cultural sector. The
Turkey Institute is the contact point for the civil society. SICA and Turkey Institute have received more than 300 ideas and project proposals. A 2012 committee is active in Turkey, too. It has received over 60 (cultural/ social) project proposals for activities in the Netherlands. For more information on the cultural programme contact SICA, Laurens Runderkamp or Veysel Yuce and visit the digital platform Cultural Exchange.

Dutch Ambassador J.P. Dirkse visits Konya

The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ankara organized the Social Security Information Days in Konya between 11 - 13 October 2011, in collaboration with the SVB [Dutch Social Insurance Bank] and the SGK. This third meeting was opened by the Dutch ambassador J.P. Dirkse. He took the opportunity to personally speak with Turkish migrants. In the lively atmosphere were guests from the province of Konya and Karaman, as well as from the surrounding provinces Afyon, Aksaray and Nevsehir. The visit was widely reported on in the local media, as can be seen by clicking the links below.

What The World Has Never Seen

Photographer Michel Szulc Krzyzanowski (NL/PL) and producer Vanya Pieters (NL) are looking for people to cooperate with their international art-project What The World Has Never Seen, people who can show them something that the world has never seen before. Previously the project  traveled to New York and Moscow. Contributors to WTWHNS are completely free to show whatever they want, on a personal and private level. WTWHNS will contribute in her own special way to the discussion about privacy worldwide.

They are in Istanbul till November 15. Feel free to apply or ask for further information. 

More information:

The production of the film "Zenne-Dancer" was supported by the Human Rights Programme of the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The film received five awards including the following categories: best first film, SIYAD national feature film, best cinematographer, best supporting actress and best supporting actor in the 48th International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.

Panna Knock Out Turkey Tour

The Royal Netherlands Embassy and Sportservice Nederland BV organized “Panna Knock Out” in İskenderun (18 October) and in Adana (19 October) in collaboration with the Metropolitan Municipality of Adana, Municipality of Iskenderun, Cukurova University and Antakya Akademi Association. The winning contestant of the Turkey Tour, Kuddusi Cevik (16), will participate in the European Panna Championships on May 27th, 2012 in the Netherlands.

Panna Knock Out on Turkish Television


4 - 13 November: Amber Festival

The ‘amber’ festival aims at creating a platform for theoretical and practical production in the field of art and technology. The theme of this year’s festival is “Next Ecology”.

This year three Dutch artists will participate in the amber festival. Jalila Essaidi and Wonjung Shin will exhibit their works in Beyoglu Municipality Art Gallery.

On 11 November 
Koert van Mensvoort will conduct a half-day lecture/workshop with the topic “next nature”, which is also the title of his project. Both Essaidi and van Mensvoort will deliver speeches at the amberConference on 12 November. The title of van Mensvoort’s speech is “Money as a Medium & ECO currencies”.

8 November: Dutch Consul General Onno Kervers at Açık Radyo

Starting this week, Açık Radyo [94.9] will air the programme "Şeffaf Gündem" every Tuesday afternoon between 16:30 – 16:55. Dutch Consul General Onno Kervers is part of the programme on 8 November from 16:30 on.

The programme will continue throughout the 2011 – 2012 season. Guests will discuss various subjects each week, containing opinions on corruption, its antidote transparency, good governance and the principles of accountability, amongst others. These subjects are taken up on a theoretical level as well as through current events.

This initiative is supported by the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and prepared by Oya Özarslan, Hande Özhabeş and Murat Can Tonbil.

12 - 15 November: Istanbul Book Fair Goes International

TÜYAP organizes the yearly book fair in Beylikdüzü (close to the Atatürk airport) in a special complex area for fairs. This year, like in the previous years, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will collaborate together with the European partners to make a common European space in the book fair. The Consulate General will present a selection of Dutch literature translated into Turkish and general information on the Netherlands. Feel welcome to visit the Dutch Stand in the European hall.

An International Hall that will be available for visiting at the 30th International Istanbul Book Fair between November 12 and 15, hosting publishers, rights management companies and national pavilions of more than 30 countries. 

Furthermore, on the 15th of November between 14:30 - 15:30, a Press Conference will take place to announce the Netherlands as the guest country of TÜYAP in 2012. The president of the Turkish Publishers Association and the General Coordinator of TÜYAP will attend as speakers.

The visiting hours of the TÜYAP Book Fair  will be between 10:00 and 19:00 on weekdays and 11:00 and 20:00 on weekends

15 - 19 November: Freedom Express

The Embassy and Consulate General will organize “Freedom Express: Freedom of Speech and Expression Debates” in collaboration with Ghetto, Garajistanbul, IF Performance Hall in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir between the dates of 15 - 19 November 2011. The issues of freedom of expression, limits, the impact of cultural taboos in daily life, internet bans, women’s freedom of expression and censorship will be discussed between Turkish and Dutch-Turkish experts.

The debates will be moderated by well-known Turkish anchor-woman Banu Guven. Baba Zula, an Istanbul based group acclaimed for their music that responds to Istanbul’s multicultural structure, and Aylin Aslim will be gracing the stage with their performance.

Some of the discussants of the debates are:

Fatma Sahin
Tukish Minister of Family and Social Policies
Emine Bozkurt Member of European Parliament from the Netherlands
Wilco van Herpen Dutch journalist, documentary films producer
Ayhan Bilgen (t.b.c.) Journalist, author and human rights defender


15 November 2011, Tuesday
Ghetto, Istanbul
21.00 – 22.00 Debate 
22.30 Baba Zula concert

16 November 2011, Wednesday
IF Performance Hall, Ankara
21.00 – 22.00 Debate
22.30 Baba Zula concert

17 November 2011, Friday
Nottingham Bistro, Izmir
21.00 – 22.00 Debate
22:30 Baba Zula concert

19 November 2011, Saturday
Garajistanbul, Istanbul
21.00 – 22.00 Debate
21.00 Aylin Aslim concert

12 - 24 November: Game Urbanism  

Game Urbanism deals with the culture of spatial planning. Hans Venhuizen advances a broad understanding of culture that encompasses cultural history, heritage, architecture and art, as well as the culture of the current residents of a region and the idiosyncrasy of a place. In his search for a more specific identity for cities and areas, Venhuizen links the worlds of culture and space to each other in different ways. In this, his focus is always on the culture of spatial planning itself, and the game is his most important instrument. The relation between playfulness and seriousness is a key feature in all of Venhuizen’s projects. The game is capable of involving participants in an assignment on an equal basis. Moreover, it simplifies complex situations, reveals the wishes and interests of those involved, and provides pleasure in uncertain processes of change.

Feel welcome to join following activities:

TMO-B-5- November 12 - Taksim Square (Turkish) moderated by Mustafa Tazeoglu

TMO-B-6- November 26 - The New Goodold Neighbourhood (Turkish) moderated by Mustafa Tazeoglu

TMO-B-7- December 10 - Emek sinemasi (English) moderated by Hans Venhuizen

TMO-B-8- December 24 - Beyoglu Master Plan (Turkish) moderated by Mustafa Tazeoglu

24 November: Spinifex Orchestra ft. Gevende at Pera Fest

The famous psychedelic folk band GEVENDE meets the top improvisers of the Amsterdam-based SPINIFEX QUINTET.

When Spinifex saxophonist Tobias Klein met Gevende in Istanbul in 2006, it was the beginning of a musical and personal friendship. Mutually inspired, they performed together in the Netherlands, in Turkey and in Portugal.

A collaboration between Gevende and Spinifex seemed the next logical step. Trumpet player Gijs Levelt, along with Tobias the driving force behind Spinifex, has made name internationally with the Amsterdam Klezmer Band. He has collaborated extensively with prominent Turkish musicians. The new SPINIFEX quintet includes top math-metal drummer Philip Moser (Cilice), 21-year old guitar prodigy Jasper Stadhouders (Black Napkins) and Portuguese bass virtuoso Gonçalo Almeida.

In this collaboration, both bands will each perform short separate sets. Then they will join forces for a display of musical fireworks --- not to be missed.